Development Guide

Development setup requires NPM and SBT to be installed on your machine.

ZooNavigator API handles communication with ZooKeeper while ZooNavigator Web is the front-end which in turn talks to the ZooNavigator API.

First, let’s get ZooNavigator API running:

git clone
cd zoonavigator-api
sbt play/run

Play HTTP server should now be listening on port 9000. The default port is defined in play/conf/application.conf.

Next step is to start up ZooNavigator Web:

git clone
cd zoonavigator-web
npm install -g @angular/cli
npm install
npm run dev

This starts up Angular development server with proxy configured in proxy.conf.json that will forward API requests to http://localhost:9000 where ZooNavigator API should be running.

Once you’ve done all that open up http://localhost:4200 in your browser and you should see the Connect form.